All systems are operational

Past Incidents

5th October 2022

No incidents reported

4th October 2022

South Waikato District Waotu - planned maintenance

Planned maintenance means services will be intermittent between 12pm and 3.30pm today. We'll update once service is restored or if there is any timing change.

  • Work complete.

  • 3rd October 2022

    No incidents reported

    2nd October 2022

    South Waikato District Matapan Road (Atiamuri) repeater offline

    Suspected weather damage. Technicians investigating.

  • Service restored. You'll need to reboot (power off, power on) both your modem and the power supply for your rooftop antenna for service to begin working again.

  • Work continues and we hope to have service restored by 2pm.

  • We are well into service restoration but are about to run out of daylight and can’t access Matapan repeater presently due to heavy rain. Aiming to continue work early tomorrow morning.

  • .

  • Technician is enroute to Atiamuri. We will need to install a new antenna, success is dependent on weather otherwise work will be rescheduled to tomorrow morning.

  • An interim fix has been decided upon and technicians are aiming to restore service today, subject to weather.

  • 1st October 2022

    No incidents reported

    30th September 2022

    Rotorua Lakes District Heavy Weather - Rotorua

    Heavy rain at Rotorua is causing interference with our uplink to several towers in the area. The performance will be slower or intermittent from time to time.

  • Heavy weather passed.

  • 29th September 2022

    No incidents reported