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WAOTU CAUTION - 15th October 2020

Grid power supply remains very unstable. Regular power cuts at our Waotu tower and also affecting many customers. We are mitigating the risk of a further outage by installing additional battery capacity.

WAOTU SITE OUTAGE - 13th October 2020

13/10: 5:45 PM: An extended power outage at this site has impacted services. A technician with a generator is en route to restore service.

13/10: 10:05 PM: Generator has been delayed but will be at the site as soon as possible. Trying to find out from Powerco what their ETA on mains power service restoration is.

14/10: 7 AM: Service remains down but is expected to be restored this morning. We found a generator deployed last night could not power all equipment, a tech is on their way this morning to fix this. It appears the site may be running off the generator for an extended time period as it appears Powerco has deliberately cut mains power off in the localised area due to a safety issue.

14/10: 9 AM: Service restored.


We are withdrawing our old DNS servers on 18/03/2020 following successful bedding in of the new servers.

If your webpages are no longer loading, it's possible your modem has the old DNS servers manually configured on them.

We ask that residential customers contact our helpdesk on for getting this fixed. Business customers should contact their IT provider in the first instance or call our helpdesk on 075799999 for further assistance.

Our new DNS servers are: