There is a known fault 

For support, email or call our helpdesk on 075799999.

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4G RBI SERVICES - NETWORK FAULT - 19th August 2020

We observed loss of all our 4G services around 6.30pm. Service has restored by itself, we're working to identify what caused the break.


FIBRE CUT - NETWORK FAULT - 7th August 2020

There is a fibre cut affecting our connectivity into the Bay of Plenty. Services are still up but are running at slower speeds as the network has re-routed onto a backup path.



There was a known issue in the Auckland region related to weather.



There is a fibre cut affecting our connectivity into the Bay of Plenty. Services are still up but are running at slower speeds as the network has re-routed onto a backup path.

UPDATE 6: 08:05 29-05-2020 Downer OSP tech is onsite now at approx 12.8km from Te Aroha. He is currently at Paeroa-Tahuna Road trying to locate the exact cable fault. Next update when status changes.


4G NETWORK FAULT - 7th May 2020

There is a major outage on the 4G network at present. The RBI network operator (Vodafone) is investigating.

2020-05-07 10:41 UPDATE: Vodafone has had a fibre cut south of BOP between Waipukurau and Napier, then a second fibre cut near Matamata. This has taken down the RBI network for approximately 200 cell sites from South of Matamata to South of Gisbourne.

2020-05-07 12:30 UPDATE: Vodafone expect the Hawkes Bay fibre cut to be repaired within the next hour so all services should be restored once that repair is completed.

2020-05-07 13:10 UPDATE: The fibre cut between Waipukurau and Napier has just been restored and services are recovering, This will restore all services. Reboot your modem if you're still having issues, otherwise, log a job with the full flavour helpdesk.

Kaukapakapa DSL FAULT - 5th May 2020

Chorus are aware of a fault affecting multiple broadband cabinets in this area.

UPDATE: This has been resolved.


A UPS power fault at Sky Tower caused a service interruption this afternoon. All services have been restored, for further help contact the Full Flavour helpdesk.


Effective immediately, any data use between Midnight (12am) and 9am each day will be zero-rated. Your data records in will only show peak hour data consumption. We hope this helps - please take advantage by using off-peak hours to do heavy downloads such as software updates, game and movie downloads etc. Please continue to conserve data during peak hours (9am-Midnight) to avoid running out of your data allowance.

Please conserve data during peak hours

The reason the (max) 200GB per household limit is in place during peak hours is to ensure the network runs at a sufficient speed. We suggest you keep evenings for streaming Netflix (like we normally do), as during the day you might be slowing down your neighbour who is trying to stay connected to their employment via remote working. If you're not already on the 200GB plan please email and we'll upgrade you (plan difference charges apply).


RURAL DATA CAPS - 27th March 2020

Good morning everyone. Here is the latest update on our rural data caps.

The RBI network wholesale provider (Vodafone) has advised that the data caps on rural connections will need to remain in place - this is to protect the network. As shown recently (with the mobile networks overloading and calls being dropped), there is a real risk of overloading and the rural network being unusable for all customers. We encourage customers to stay off Netflix and other streaming video services to conserve data.

200GB is the biggest data plan on offer at present ($155 plan). Excess data charges of $2/GB apply.

For some employees working from home, it may make sense to continue using data and paying the excess data charges - we would suggest you talk to your employer to see if they are willing to cover some or all of these excess data charges.

Upgrade to 200GB plan

If you think you'll go over your data cap between now and 14th April, we urge you to upgrade to the 200GB plan (plan difference charge between your current plan and the 200GB plan will apply). Once you reach your data cap, excess data charges of $2/GB will apply.

Weekly billing of excess data charges

From now until 13th of May (subject to level 4 being lifted by that date) we are implementing weekly billing of any excess data charges. Invoices will be emailed to you on Mondays with payment processed automatically via your default payment method on Wednesdays.


BE CONSIDERATE - 26th March 2020

The network is being slammed right now - we get that you're stuck at home but we ask that customers be mindful of their usage so that everyone gets a fair go. We've got tons of Youtube and Netflix capacity so streaming is fine, but we ask you to be considerate with other large download.

At this time illegal copyright infringement (i.e. pirating / P2P / BitTorrent) is unacceptable and we will be acting on any infringement notices issued by copyright holders.

We are actively managing network capacity and priority on the network is being given to customers on our Home Business plans. If you're working from home, please let us know if you'd like to upgrade to one of these plans.



We are withdrawing our old DNS servers on 18/03/2020 following successful bedding in of the new servers.

If your webpages are no longer loading, it's possible your modem has the old DNS servers manually configured on them.

We ask that residential customers contact our helpdesk on for getting this fixed. Business customers should contact their IT provider in the first instance or call our helpdesk on 075799999 for further assistance.

Our new DNS servers are: